Mobile Friendly Tall Sips Drink Menu

Tall sips is happening in Halifax, Nova Scotia July 27 – August 2, 2017. Plan how you will sip your way through the city with this mobile friendly Tall Sips drink menu.

2 Crows Brewing Co.

Swan Fan Makkum $8

A bright, citrusy and super-juicy American pale ale that is dry-hopped with simcoe and citra hops.

1932 Brunswick Street

Argyle Bar & Grill

Orange Is The New

Black $8

One ounce raspberry vodka, 6 ounces orange juice, topped off with Guinness.

1575 Argyle Street

Athens Restaurant

Spiked Frappe $8

Greek-frothed iced coffee with coffee liqueur and Baileys.

6273 Quinpool Road

Balancing Rock Coffeehouse

Mermaid Gingerbeer $5

Blueberry, ground ginger and green tea are the highlights of this savoury and refreshing summer treat.

1919 Upper Water Street

The Barrington Steakhouse
& Oyster Bar

Hello Sailor $8

Ironworks’ Bluenose rum mixed with grapefruit juice and fresh lime—because every sailor needs a refreshing drink when they make it to shore.

1662 Barrington Street

Baton Rouge

Shipwreck Daiquiri $8

Savour a sip of summer and devour this feature cocktail shaken with Lamb’s rum, coconut milk, fresh lime, pineapple and mango nectar juice and garnished with a floating lime wedge.

1877 Hollis Street

Battery Park

So Scotian $8

Nova Scotia white rum, blueberry liqueur and sea salt topped with White Lightning dry-hopped kettle sour ale from North Brewing.

62 Ochterloney Street

Bistro Le Coq

Tempest $8

Black Strap rum, citrus syrup and sparkling wine.

1584 Argyle Street

Black Sheep Restaurant

Shore Thing $8

Nova Scotia Spirit Co. gin, strawberry, rhubarb, mint
and soda.

1569 Dresden Row

Canvas Resto Lounge

I.C.Shore.Ice.T $8

Local I.C. Shore corn whiskey muddled with a local honey and blueberry syrup, topped with chilled Seafoam Lavender lemon tea and local blueberries.

1583 Brunswick Street

The Captain’s Boil

Mermaid Lemonade $8

Blue skies and mermaid vibes—try the Captain’s new bold and citrus concoction.

5680 Spring Garden Road, second floor

Celtic Corner

Half ‘n Half $8

The sheer beauty of Guinness floating atop Harp lager, full of flavour yet light and smooth.

69 Alderney Drive


To your health! $5

A mango, peach, pineapple and orange fruit cocktail, with a strawberry cocktail on top.

1535 Dresden Row

East of Grafton

Giggle Water $8

Tequila, limoncello, fresh pressed watermelon, lemon and agave syrup.

1580 Argyle Street

Elle’s Bistro

Elle’s Serious Caesar $8

One ounce Absolut vodka mixed with Clamato, Worcestershire and RoRo’s Hot & Sassy Hotsauce, topped with a spicy bean, homemade spicy pickle and mini-grilled cheese sandwich.

1678 Barrington Street

Field Guide

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club $8

White rum, falernum, lime,

rich syrup.

2076 Gottingen Street

Halifax Distilling Co.

The Mutiny $8

Nova Scotia strawberries, squeezed lime juice, J.D. Shore white rum and fresh mint. Summertime in a glass!

1668 Lower Water Street

Harbour City Bar & Grill

Regattatini $8

Steinhart Distillery’s haskap-infused vodka with fresh-pressed watermelon juice.

1990 Barrington Street


Haskap Skipper $5

Luscious layers of haskap berry and pineapple. The Haskap Skipper features subtle hints of local flavours, transformed into a float with creamy haskap ice cream. Dairy-free option available.

1477 Lower Water Street


Lord Jim $8

Gin, fino sherry, lemon and tonic.

1673 Barrington Street

Il Trullo

Oceano Blu $8

Sailor Jerry’s, Bols Blue and cranberry soda.

67 Kings Wharf Place #102

Le Bistro By Liz

La Grand-Voile $8

A refreshing blend of Blanche de Chambly draught, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, garden-fresh basil and Nova Scotia valley strawberries! Tres Bon!

1333 South Park Street

Lemon Tree Restaurant

Lemon Tree $8

An intense and refreshing drink of fresh lemons, gin and a blend of secret spices.

1532 Queen Street

Level Bar, Prince George

The Goombay Smash $8

A tropical treasure chest of flavours: Lemon Hart spiced rum, apricot brandy, coconut rum, Nova Scotia ice wine, pineapple and orange juice.

1725 Market Street

The Local

Local Storm $8

Locally distilled small-batch J.D. Shore black rum over ice with amaretto and fresh-squeezed lime, topped with Propeller ginger beer from the north end.

2037 Gottingen Street

Lucky Penny Coffee

Sailor’s Delight $5

Our refreshing sparkling berry lemonade topped with a caffeine kick of cold brew coffee will keep you sailing through the day!

6440 Quinpool Road

Mappatura Bistro

The Vespucci $8

Gin, Amaro Nonino, Aperol and spiced strawberry shrub.

5883 Spring Garden Road

Maxwell’s Plum

The Vessel $8

A full 32-ounce pitcher of frothy Heineken for you and your mates.

1600 Grafton Street

Middle Spoon

Middle Schooner $8

White rum, apricot brandy, guava and lemon juices, simple syrup and fresh mint.

1563 Barrington Street

Morris East

Morris East Mojito $8

Revive yourself with the ultimate, classic mojito. Muddled limes, fresh Riverview Herbs mint and Havana Club amber rum topped with soda.

5212 Morris Street

The Nook

Sunken Treasure $8

A shot glass of Goldschläger liqueur, with real gold flecks, prepared to be dropped into a bubbly orange Aranciata drink. These warm rich flavours are spiked by a burst of candied ginger on a skewer. Treasures for your taste buds abound!

2118 Gottingen Street

Nova Momoya

Sake Mule $8

Vodka, sake and lime topped with ginger beer—the perfect match for rich seafood.

1671 Barrington Street

Old Apothecary

Wilde Remedy $5

Espresso poured over a tasty mixture of house-made ginger water and sugar over ice.

1549 Barrington Street

The Old Triangle Irish

Mid-Atlantic Martini $8

Tequila made an inviting ocean-blue with Curaçao and a twist!

5136 Prince Street

Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca

La Scusa $8

Calm chamomile and refreshing citrus, with a hint of hazelnut and the boldness of Canadian whiskey.

5144 Morris Street

The Press Gang

Blood, Sweat and Piers $8

This memorably named cocktail consists of whiskey, honey, lemon and gunpowder tea, topped with Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Shiraz.

5218 Prince Street


Sun Over The Yardarm $8

Warning: This drink will make you talk like a pirate. Rum + rum + Campari + all the fresh fruit juices = no more scurvy.

2186 Windsor Street

Schnitzel Bistro

Sea Breeze $8

An ounce of vodka, cranberry juice and pineapple  juice.

65 King Street

Seasons By Atlantica

Black Current $8

Vodka, Crème de Cassis and a splash of blue Curaçao, finished with ginger ale.

1980 Robie Street


DD Mojito $8

A muddle of fresh mint, lime and sugar mixed with Fisherman’s Helper rum and soda.

73 Alderney Drive

Split Crow

Halifax Tea Party $8

Bourbon, peach Schnapps and unsweetened tea.

1855 Granville Street


The Scurvy Cure $5

Fresh-pressed orange, apple and lemon juices, full of natural vitamin C to keep you healthy at sea or on land!

1209 Marginal Road

Staggers Pub & Grub

Mojito-infused Moosehead Raspberry Radler $8

A traditional mojito infused with Moosehead raspberry radler. Rum, fresh mint, orange and raspberries with raspberry radler.

26 Portland Street

Stayner’s Wharf Pub & Grill

The S.S. Stayner $8

Fresh NS blueberries muddled and shaken with J.D. Shore white rum, Bols blue Curaçao, lemon juice and Stingin’ Hot Honey by The Halifax Honey Company. Strained over a sugar and Stingin’ Hot Honey-rimmed glass topped with Garrison’s Tall Ship ale.

5075 George Street

Steve-O-Reno’s Cappuccino

Sea Salt Caramel Iced Mocha $5

Fresh, locally roasted espresso served over homemade sea salt caramel chocolate sauce with ice and milk.

1536 Brunswick Street

Stones’s Throw

Maritime Mist $8

You’re just a stone’s throw away from enjoying our Maritime Mist cocktail with a gin base and lemony zip with black and blueberries, to beat the heat while enjoying the Tall Ships.

1919 Upper Water Street

Tempo Food + Drink

Rumming with the

Devil $8

White rum, Malibu rum, orange cranberry juice and simple syrup, shaken on ice, double strained and topped with Lamb’s Navy rum.

1875 Barrington Street

Wooden Monkey

Rhubarb Tom Collins $8 Classic Tom Collins with rhubarb and a hint of mint and one-and-a-half ounces of local liquor.

1707 Grafton Street

305-40 Alderney Drive

World Tea House

Purple Haze  $5

A colour-changing drink of Egyptian rose hip and hibiscus ice tea topped with pineapple juice.

1592 Argyle Street